Hello online sugar mamas!

18 May


I just found some sugarmama websites and BOY do these chicks mean business!! I’m afraid this will end my normal “day game” because there seem to be so many. But okay, also a lot of competition.

So, I set up a profile, wrote a nice text and here’s my advice: don’t write anything about money. Don’t mention free meals and free travels although that is what we all aim for. Hell no.

State that your look for some one more mature, someone that understands you. Some one who is interested in art instead of nightclubs and someone who want to drive out in nature just to enjoy it.

Yes, did you see what I just did there? I wrote “drive into nature”. She might as well have a big ass car now that we’re getting it on!

Your picture: just show off but lok nice. Smile for gods sake!

Bottom line: no smart ass nightclub talk. She wants an older man in a young guys body, period.

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