Finding and dating a sugarmama is hard. It requires patience and skill to date a sugarmama - skill to find them and patience to really get to know them. That's why I started this blog. Read the latest entries here or jump to the popular posts here:

You have to look good

How to attract a Sugarmama - 1, 2, 3!

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How To Present Her To Your Friends

5 Aug

If you have been together with your sugar mama for a while, chances are that you will go to some place where you run into someone you know. If you run into someone she knows, she will have some story ready that explains who you are; or maybe not. [...] Continue Reading…

What If Your Date Has A Husband?

31 Jul

This is a situation you want to avoid at all cost. Even if the lady has her own money, her own wealth and is not using her husband’s money on you, it is a situation that will most likely end badly. You, as the third party, will probably lose [...] Continue Reading…

How To Recognize A Wealthy Woman Looking for Dating

24 Jul

There are plenty of wealthy women in dating everywhere, and that is the good news; the bad news is that there are a lot more women who pretend to be a sugar mama who do not have the means to be one. The first step to getting your very [...] Continue Reading…

How To Get An Awesome Entertainment System From Your Lady

19 Jul

You may already have an entertainment system at home, but is it all that you need? If you do not have the latest in the electronics department then your sugarmama can get it for you. The right woman will want to keep you happy at all times and if [...] Continue Reading…

Seriously: Would YOU Date You?

11 Jul

If you are looking for a rich partner then you can’t just show up to the bar and hope for the best. You have to be at your best so that you can attract the best. That means that you have to ask yourself one question each time that [...] Continue Reading…

What You Need To Do So That A Cougar Will Pick You Up

5 Jul

You have to know women if you want to be in this profession. You have to know how they think and what they like or dislike. In order to be attractive to a potential sugar mama, good looks will definitely help. Being tall and well-built gives the impression of [...] Continue Reading…

How To Entertain Your Date

28 Jun

If she has become your “sugar”, she is supporting you in one way or another. She may be paying your bills or your groceries or just giving you money. This is, of course, not free. Everything in life has a price, as does being the boy. One price you [...] Continue Reading…

Where Should Your Date Take You?

23 Jun

Part of the fun of having a lady with money is the travel that comes with it. If you get the right woman she will not only give you the gifts that you deserve, she will also take you to the places that you have only dreamt of. If [...] Continue Reading…

What A Wealthy Woman Wants

16 Jun

You know exactly what you are looking for when you look for the right woman; that is a woman to give you all the spoils in life that would be difficult to get on your own. You want the gifts, the extra cash, and the trips and you want [...] Continue Reading…

Are You Right For Her?

11 Jun

Many guys out there think that getting a rich lady is no big deal, but they could not be more wrong. There are things that you have to have in order to be a boy toy and a lot of those guys simply do not have it. The relationship [...] Continue Reading…

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